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About Us


When I am rounding at our various facilities throughout the region, nurses often ask, “What are you going to do to make CHRISTUS Spohn Health System a great place to work?” My reply is always, “what are we going to do!” Since arriving here at CHRISTUS Spohn Health System in December, 2011, my message has been clear that, “together we make a difference.” 

To that effort I am working tirelessly with the regional Chief Nursing Officers, nursing leadership and nursing Associates to chart our own future. Working together, we can create strong, viable, productive shared governance that supports our journey toward professional excellence. Working together we can share ideas, best practices, issues and challenges that will help us grow as professionals; and, we can re-design our workload to provide safer and outcomes driven care in a healthcare era that demands higher quality, more efficient and more productive care delivery. 

We are investing in our future by actively recruiting highly qualified, experienced nurses from around the country. We are investing in our future by hiring more graduate nurses than ever before and providing quality programs that help them assimilate into the real world of nursing. We are investing in new technologies that support safe, reliable care delivery such as bedside medication verification (BMV). We are investing in our future by providing nurse externship programs in various specialties that are difficult to recruit. We are investing in our future through educational programs that help assure our nurses have the up to date knowledge to deliver safe and effective care. We are investing in our future by continuing to support a strong shared governance structure that allows our nurses to have a clear and strong voice in their own professional practice. We are investing in our future through the continued leadership development of our nursing managers and chief nursing officers. 

Over the next months and years, nursing Associates will see continued programs aimed at supporting the valuable work you do. You will see appreciation and recognition in a variety of ways that respects and values your service. You will see compassionate leaders who are engaged and interested in your professional futures. You will see CHRISTUS Spohn Health System gradually evolve from a good place for nurses to work to a great place for nurses to practice their profession.  I encourage you to engage with us. Take every opportunity to have your voice heard. Support your unit-based councils or serve on a system shared governance council. I encourage you to work with us to make your healthcare system one of the finest in the nation. Together, we really do make a difference!





Dr. Jim Cato, Ed.D, RN, CRNA
Chief Nurse Executive
CHRISTUS Spohn Health System

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